[Duel Links] SD Synchro Connection Contents

The first 5D’s structure deck that you can buy has finally had its contents revealed, with many “Junk” cards included inside!

The Synchro Connection Structure Deck goes on sale today for everyone who wants to get a head start in 5D’s World

Main Deck (20):
Tune Warrior
Junk Servant
Junk Breaker x 2
Junk Blader x 2
Junk Forward
Card Breaker
Junk Anchor
Speed Warrior x 2

Pride of the Weak
Junk Barrage
Harmonic Waves

Graceful Revival
Synchro Strike
Spirit Force
Limiter Overload x 2

Extra Deck (2):
Junk Warrior
Gravity Warrior

Source from Duel Links Official Site

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