Duel Links – Tokyo Game Show News

Latest Duel Links news from Japan, shared Live on stage by Junko Takeuchi (Mokuba Kaiba’s VA) and Kana Hanazawa (Sera’s VA)!

The Dark Side of Dimension World (DSOD) has just been confirmed to be opened on the 26 September 2019!

There will also be Special DSOD related Quest that comes along with this world!

With the release of the DSOD, there is also the DSOD release bonus!

  • Dark Magician Movie Art version (Prismatic rare)
  • 1000 Gem
  • Various SR and UR ticket
  • 1 UR Dream Ticket
  • 100 Skill Chips (New Item! – 100 Skill Chips can be exchanged for 1 skill)

Both Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon will be getting new animation!

New Characters have been confirmed to be playable

  • Sera
  • Kaiba Seto (DSOD version)
  • Kaiba Mokuba (DSOD version)

A new Structure Deck EX – Magician of Chaos have also be confirmed to be released soon.

Source from Konami Official YouTube Channel

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