Duel Links – Unknown Duelist arrives! New Ranked duel season! Login Rewards!

A mysterious unknown Duelist have arrived in duel links and is challenging anyone she sees! She is a Duelist that Transcended the game!

When you accept a duel from this unknown duelist, you will be dragged into a Superconscious duel! In this duel, monsters that usually requires tributes can be summoned without tribute!

If you do challenge the Unknown Duelist, you have a chance to obtain this drops;

    1. Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel
    2. Ghost Ship
    3. Cubic Madala
    4. Constellar Algiedi
    5. Diana the Light Spirit
    6. Constellar Virgo
    7. Constellar Aldebaran
    8. Constellar Star Cradle
    9. Lucky Trinket
    10. Fiend Reflection #2

Duel Quest is also back to tie in with the Unknown Duelist event!

If you duel against a “specific” duelist for certain times, a hidden door will appear!

You can also obtain Kelbek from this Duel Quest!


It’s the start of a new month! Meaning a new season for Ranked Duels!

With this new ranked duel comes more machine support!

  1. Cyber Dragon Vier
  2. Armored Cybern

Last but not least, we have more Log in rewards! This is your chance to obtain your third copy of Cyber Angel Idaten and it also shows us when Dark Signer Kalin is coming back!

Source from Duel Links App


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