[Duel Links] Unleash the Egyptian God Card!

It’s time to get ready for some Mega Ultra Chicken guys, the Winged Dragon of Ra has entered Duel Links!

Yami Marik is back into Duel Links with a new event titled “Unleash the Egyptian God Card! Yami Marik Returns II”

And of course his Ghoul Hunters like Arkana is back as well!

Various awards can be obtained by participating in the event, even getting the chance to get The Winged Dragon of Ra when you defeat Yami Marik Lvl. 50!

Rewards for dueling Marik has also been updated, with Ra’s Disciple added to the event rewards!

The following cards can also be obtained by trading the EX Jewels.

  • Twin-Barrel Dragon – [EX] 300
  • Electromagnetic Bagworm – [EX] 100
  • Wetlands – [EX] 100
  • Dragon’s Gunfire – [EX] 100

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