[Duel Links] Woodland Sprite to be Limited

An upcoming change to the Duel Links Forbidden/Limited List will be implemented on 24 January 2018.

Woodland Sprite will be Limited on the 24 January 2018.

The debut of Broken Bamboo Sword, Cursed Bamboo Sword and Golden Bamboo Sword in Primal Burst Main BOX has created a new FTK Burn deck that utilizes Woodland Sprite to burn the opponent. The Bamboo Swords synergy with Woodland Sprite often allows the player to draw through his whole deck, and dealing lethal burn damage to the opponent, even before the opponent takes a turn.

The Limitation of Woodland Sprite would hopefully reduce the consistency of the FTK Bamboo Burn deck, but the draw power from Cursed Bamboo Sword and Golden Bamboo Sword is still a concern.

Meanwhile, we are already seeing Bamboo Swords being splash in various different decks such as Cyber Angel and Endymion.

These decks aim to OTK the opponent by using the Bamboo Swords to draw into their core pieces quickly and consistently.

Release Restraint Wave helps to trigger Cursed Bamboo Sword‘s graveyard effect, but at the same time it clears the opponent of their set Spell and Trap Cards, opening up the board for the OTK.

The Bamboo Swords are now even better with the release of Dark World Dealings. Dark World Dealings helps to dig 1 card deeper into the deck, but it is also an easy method to trigger Cursed Bamboo Sword‘s graveyard effect without even having to equip it.

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