[Duel Links] World Championship 2018 Updates

Konami has taken the stage of the Tokyo Game Show, showing some gameplay for the new Duel Links characters and giving updates on qualifiers for next year’s World Championship – Duel Links category!

For next year’s World Championship 2018 – Duel Links Category, there will be a few different ways to be qualify for the event. By participating in upcoming KC Cup events and the WCS qualifier event, you will qualify for an event to battle to be the representative of your region, where players from there will be selected to represent the region for the World Championship 2018. Besides the 2 events, there will be also other events that will be announced at a later date.

Voice actor for Judai, KENN (Ohashi Kenichiro) also took the stage to promote the upcoming GX World update together with Samsung Yoshida, the 3rd place winner in the previous World Championship 2017 – Duel Links category. A demo duel showing Judai versus Edo Phoenix was also shown on stage, revealing many new cards to be included in the game such as Elemental HERO Blazeman, Destiny Hero – Drilldark, and the summoning animation for Destiny HERO – Plasma.

To check out the stage program for yourself and see the demo duels, here’s the video linked below directly to the Duel Links program segment.

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