Duelist Pack – Duelists of Gloom Rarity Breakdown

Some changes are coming to the next Duelist Pack, with Secret Rare cards now included!

Duelist Pack: Duelists of Gloom that is due for release in May has just had more information revealed regarding its rarity breakdown!

Total: 46 card types
Holographic Rare: 1 type
Ultra Rare: 5 types
Super Rare: 7 types
Rare: 9 types
Normal (Common): 24 types

  • Super & Ultra Rare cards are also available as Secret Rare rarity.

Compared to the previous Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 6, the number of card types has been reduced from 56 to 46. The amount of Ultra & Super Rare card types remain the same, though there is a reduction for Rare (13 -> 9) and Normal (30 -> 24) rarities. Furthermore, you will now be able to get the Secret Rare rarity inside the Duelist Packs which was not previously available inside.

Source from Maxut

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