[DUNE] “Ursarctic” And “Drytron” goes further beyond!

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DUNE-JP021 天極輝士-熊斗竜巧α Tenkyoku Kishi – Beartron Alpha (Celestial Polar Illumiknight – Beartron Alpha / Ultimate Knight Alpha Ursatron)
Level 7 WATER Machine (Special Summon) Effect Monster
ATK 2000
DEF 700
(This card is always treated as an “Ursarctic” and “Drytron” card.)
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by a card effect. You can only use the effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) If you control an “Ursarctic” or “Drytron” monster other than “Ultimate Knight Alpha Ursatron”: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then you can add 1 “Ursarctic” or “Drytron” Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand.

DUNE-JP041 ベアルクティ-ポーラ=スター Bearcti – Pola=Star (Ursarctic Polar Star)
Level 1 WATER Machine Synchro Effect Monster
ATK 700
DEF 2000
Cannot be Synchro Summoned. Must be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by sending 2 monsters you control with a Level difference of 1 to the GY (1 Tuner and 1 non-Tuner).
(1) You can Tribute 1 Level 8 “Ursarctic” monster from your hand or field and this card; Special Summon 1 Level 7 “Ursarctic” Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions, and if you do, it gains this effect.
● Your opponent cannot activate the effects of monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck that have a Level.

Source (Yu-Gi-Oh.jp)

Translated by The Organization

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