Emergency Ban – Pestilence

This is the Yu-Gi-Oh! way to deal with a pandemic… Ban it!

With the wish of getting rid of the pandemic, an emergency of the card Pestilence to the OCG Limit Regulation will be kicking in starting from this weekend up till the rest of the season. As its last OCG print was back in 2010 in Duelist Revolution, here is it’s effect for those of you who may need it.

DREV-JP058 疫病 Pestilence
Equip Spell
Equip only to a Warrior, Beast-Warrior, or Spellcaster-Type monster. Its ATK becomes 0. During each of your Standby Phases, inflict 500 damage to the controller of the equipped monster.

Ban period: 20 February (Saturday) ~ 31 March (Wednesday) 2021

Also mentioned in the announcement, the promotion for Japan stores to give out both the Rush Duel and OCG version of Amabie-san will resume also on 20 February, with 100,000 copies of each cards to be distributed in Japan nationwide.

Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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