Extreme Force – WCS 2017 Memorial Cards Sweepstakes

Want that set of World Championship 2017 memorial card set but couldn’t manage to get it? Here’s your chance with the Extreme Force – WCS 2017 Memorial Cards Sweepstakes!

OCG Asia will be running Sweepstakes for the upcoming Extreme Force booster pack, where 25 lucky winners will be able to receive the full set of the World Championship 2017 Memorial Cards! For those of you won’t don’t recall, the set includes the following cards.

Dark Magician Girl – Holographic Rare
Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon – Secret Rare
Monster Reborn – Ultra Rare (TCG Artwork)

To participate, just purchase a box of Extreme Force, then cut out the label at the back of the booster box with the following details.
– Name
– Contact Number
– Address
– Gender
– Amount of Extreme Force packs purchased

Just make sure that you bought your boxes by 27 November and your entries are postmarked no later than 30 November 2017 (Meaning the stamp from your local post office has to be dated 30 November or earlier). Winners of the Sweepstakes will be announced on 28 December on the official website. For more details of the Sweepstakes terms & conditions, do refer to the poster on the official website linked below!

Source from OCG Official Website

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