Final Results – OCG 10,000 Card Type Voting Campaign

The results for the OCG 10,000 Card Type Voting Campaign is finally out, with the full list of 10 cards revealed!!

Here are the 10 cards from the 10 different series to be included in the October promotional pack. One pack (1 card each) is given for each purchase of Ignition Assault that releases in October!

Series 1 – Mirror Force
Series 2 – Reinforcement of the Army
Series 3 – Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
Series 4 – Cyber Dragon
Series 5 – Super Polymerization
Series 6 – Stardust Dragon
Series 7 – Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Series 8 – Cyber Dragon Nova
Series 9 – Supreme King Z-ARC
Series 10 – Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku

Reminder: All cards will be available in Secret Rare and 20th Secret Rare!

Source from OCG Official YouTube

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