[FLOD] Tindangle Trinity & Gergonne’s End

Time for some Christmas news with new Onii-sama’s Tindangle cards confirmed for Flames of Destruction! Merry Christmas everyone!!

ティンダングル・トリニティ Tindangle Trinity
DARK Fiend Flip Effect Monster
LV4 0/1500
You can only use the 3rd effect with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) FLIP: You can Special Summon 1 “Tindangle Base Gardna” from your Deck.
(2) If this card is flipped face-up, “Tindangle” monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle while this card is face-up in a Monster Zone.
(3) If this card is sent to the GY as a Link Material for the Link Summon of a “Tindangle” Link Monster: You can add 1 “Gergonne’s End” from your Deck to your hand, and if you do, send 1 Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to the GY

ジェルゴンヌの終焉 Gergonne no Shuuen (Gergonne’s End)
Normal Trap Card
(1) Activate this card by targeting 1 “Tindangle” Link Monster you control; equip this card to that monster. The equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect, also it cannot be targeted by your opponent’s card effects.
(2) Once per turn, if all of the equipped monster’s Link Arrows are pointing to a monster: You can destroy as many cards as possible among those monsters and this card, and if you destroyed all those monsters and this card, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the equipped monster’s ATK.

Translated by The Organization
Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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