Grinder Golem Infernoid

With the release of Security Dragon, players are now able to summon a single copy of Grinder Golem multiple times in a turn, making use of the tokens to continuously link summon and build up a sizeable field to gain advantage, and 1 such deck is Infernoid! Here’s a look at the deck!

Through the use of Akashic Magician, Security Dragon and Firewall Dragon, it is now possible to use Grinder Golem’s effect several times within 1 turn, allowing you to use it’s tokens to perform multiple link summons and build a field at no cost.

SPYRALs are taking over the meta with the deck able to build a field filled with negation and board control via the use of Tri-Gate Wizard, SPYRAL Sleeper and Firewall Dragon with gaining pluses through extended 2-3 card combos. To combat the recent rise of SPYRALs, many decks are now making use of Grinder Golem to make their own first turn setups, especially decks which do not require much use of their Extra Deck. One of those decks is Infernoid!


Decklist source: @Strike1105

The Infernoid deck typically uses very little Extra Deck space, making the inclusion of Grinder Golem a strong choice in this deck. Since link monsters do not possess levels, a single copy of Grinder Golem lets the deck summon at least 2 copies of Firewall Dragon to their field. During the team tournament this deck was used, the pilot managed to go 4-0, beating a Zefra, Dinosaur, and 2 SPYRAL decks, only dropping out of the event as his team mates lost the 4th round.

He has also shared a combo where having Grinder Golem and Infernoid Decatron in your starting hand allows you to mill 4 cards to the Graveyard through Akashic Magician and summon a 4-material Skulldeat, the Chained Dracoserpent to dig through your deck for more cards while summoning that copy of Decatron 3 times to setup your Graveyard. Here is that combo shown below.

A few advantages of using this combo are the following.
1. You still have 3 Main Monster Zones available to make full use of Void Feast.
2. After Decatron is destroyed, you will have enough Infernoids in the Graveyard to summon the Infernoid Devyaty you milled from your Graveyard.
3. You do not have to leave Grinder Golem on the opponent’s field.

However, take note that Grinder Golem is not on the opponent’s field when you link summon Skulldeat, the Chained Dracoserpent, making it vulnerable to PSY-Framegear Gamma.


The release of Security Dragon has made Grinder Golem into a 1 card link summoning engine and Infernoids are reaping the benefits. By making use of Firewall Dragon, you can make use of Infernoid Decatron’s fully to setup your Graveyard while gaining card advantage. Aside from the featured deck profile, a few other tops were also made by Infernoids last weekend. Expect to see more of this deck in your local OCG event this season!

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