Instructor Deck – Arcana Force featuring Pup Prize

Fans of the GX series or of Sartorius will like this Instructor Deck! It’s an update of the Arcana Force deck!

Deck list in detail

This is an Arcana Force deck featuring the new Pup Prize card from Chaos Impact. When your LIGHT monsters declare attack, use the effect of Honest to destroy your opponent’s monsters by battle, then use Pup Prize to add back that Honest to hand so that you can use it in the next turn.

As Honest is a Level 4 LIGHT Fairy, you can use Ties of the Brethren to summon it or Arcana Force IV – The Emperor out, working well to summon either of them from the deck. After activating Ties of the Brethren, for that turn you cannot Special Summon monsters, but on the following turn, you can use the monsters to either Xyz Summon for a Utopia monster or even Summon out Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler.

Source from OCG Instructor Official Twitter

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