Instructor Deck – D.D. Patrol Plane

Like the old D.D. decks where you would banish your monsters just to have them all return back during the End Phase? Then here’s an update to it with the new D.D. Patrol Plane!!

Deck list in detail 

This deck makes use of the recently released D.D. Patrol Plane. When Special Summoning Luna the Dark Spirit, you can banish D.D. Patrol Plane from the Graveyard, or also banish D.D. Patrol Plane from your hand when using Allure of Darkness, so as to Special Summon D.D. Patrol Plane during your End Phase.

For D.D. Patrol Planes on your field, use them to pay for the cost of Scrubbed Raid or to Link Summon I:P Maskerena to use them as link materials during your opponent’s Main Phase so as to get them sent to the Graveyard.

D.D. Scout Plane can also help you to get multiple monsters on the field. For example when Special Summoning Chaos Dragon Levianeer or Defrag Dragon from your Graveyard, you can banish 3 copies of D.D. Scout Plane from your Graveyard, to then Special Summon out those 3 copies of D.D. Scout Plane during your End Phase.

Source from OCG Instructor Official Twitter

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