Instructor Deck – Evil HERO & Subterror featuring Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates

Here’s a deck that makes use of the brand new Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates. Evil HERO together with Subterrors!

Deck list in detail

This deck makes use of the new Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates released in Chaos Impact. By making use of Subterror Succession‘s effect, you can add Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates to your hand. Also by sending cards from your hand to the Graveyard with Subterror Succession, you can get the fusion materials you require for Dark Fusion or Dark Calling to fusion summon out Evil HERO Dark Gaia and Evil HERO Malicious Bane.

Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates can also be special summoned either via it’s own 1st effect, from the Graveyard using Birth Rebirth, and even from your banished pile with Premature Return. These methods will all summon it out in face-down Defense Position, allowing you to make use of Kongrade, Prime Primate of Konglomerates’ 2nd effect aggressively.

BTD Additional Note: These decks are mainly proof of concept decks which give you a deck concept and provide ideas on how to combine various themes. We recommend that you further explore how to play the decks and also look into updating the decks with staples or other cards to get more success with the deck~

Source from OCG Instructor Official Twitter

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