Instructor Deck – Gladiator Beast + Phantasm Spiral

Here’s a different take on an old deck! Gladiator Beasts, now with the power of Phantasm Spiral thrown into the mix!

Deck list in detail 

This is an updated Gladiator Beast deck which uses the new Gladiator Beast cards from Chaos Impact. Gladiator Beast Andal can be summoned out using Unexpected Dai, while Gladiator Proving Ground and Fire Formation – Tenki will add them to hand. Also if Pacifis, the Phantasm City effect is being applied, you will get to search for the Phantasm Spiral trap cards.

Even though Gladiator Beast Vespasius is an effect monster, it is also a Water Attribute which makes it suitable to banish as the cost for Sea Stealth Attack effect to make face-up Spell and Trap cards immune from destruction by your opponent’s effects, which then fulfils the Phantasm Spiral trap cards requirements to make sure there is only non effect monsters on your field.

Source from OCG Instructor Official Twitter

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