Legendary Gold Box

Here comes the year end box set and it has some pretty interesting contents this time! Here’s presenting the Legendary Gold Box!

Super luxurious items are coming soon as a set in the Legendary Gold Box, releasing on December 21, 2019! This set will include promotional cards coming in an all new rarity, Premium Gold Rare, along with a special pack and 5 items.

Product Name: Legendary Gold Box
Release Date: December 21, 2019
Japan price: 3000 yen

1. Promotional Card x 1 (3 types, Premium Gold Rare rarity)
2. Legendary Gold Box Special Pack x 6 packs (5 cards per pack, total 48 card types. Each pack contains 1 Ultra rare and 4 Parallel rare cards. The Ultra rare card can also be replaced as a 20th Secret Rare)
3. Field Center Card x 1 (3 types)
4. Card Display Case x 1 (Plastic case used for card display)
5. Storage Box x 1 (3 types)

More details for the Legendary Gold Box will be included at a later date!

Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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