[LVB1] Anime Bosses Alternate Art Released

The first reveal for next month’s LINK VRAINS box is finally here and it looks like similar to last year’s Dimension Box, we are getting alternate art for the main 4 VRAINS characters with Firewall Dragon, Borreload Dragon, Trickstar Holly Angel & Gouki The Great Ogre!!

Here’s a first look at what the box will look like, along with a peek at the sleeves included inside and alternate artwork of the boss cards for the characters from the VRAINS anime!

LINK VRAINS Box Packaging, where storage box and card sleeves included in the box can also be seen.

Alternate artwork for Firewall Dragon & Borreload Dragon

Alternate artwork for Trickstar Holly Angel & Gouki The Great Ogre

Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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