[LVB1] Booster Dragon in LINK VRAINS Box

Some card news for the upcoming LINK VRAINS Box has been confirmed. Looks like it is giving more support for Rokket!

Booster Dragon
DARK Dragon 1900/L-2 (BL, BR)
2 “Rokket” monsters
The (2) effect of this card’s name can only be used once per turn.
(1) Once per turn: you can target 1 other face-up monster on the field; It gains 500 atk/def. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation.
(2) If this link summoned card is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the GY: You can target 1 other Dragon monster in your GY; Special Summon it.

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Twitter
Translated by: The Organization

One thought on “[LVB1] Booster Dragon in LINK VRAINS Box”

  1. chris says:

    the name of that card sounds like bakugan with boosted dragon but now its booseter dragon

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