Marvel x Shonen Jump Plus Super Collaboration

Ever wanted to see Kazuki Takahashi give his take on a Marvel comic? Well here’s your chance with the Marvel x Shonen Jump Plus Super Collaboration!!

Marvel will be partnering with Shonen Jump Plus to release 6 new manga stories for Marvel characters, with the first to be written and drawn by Yu-Gi-Oh!’s very own Kazuki Takahashi, who will be drawing a manga for Iron Man and Spider-Man!!

“Secret Reverse” – by Kazuki Takahashi (Releases September 4 & November 27)

The first half of the comic will be released on September 4, while the second half will be released on November 27.

Aside from Kazuki Takahashi, 6 other artists will be involved in this collaboration listed below:
Hachi Mizuno (Akuten Wars)
Ken Ogino (Lady Justice)
Sanshiro Kasama & Hikaru Uesugi (Patch Quest)
mato-sensei (Darling in the Franxx)
Toyotaka Haneda (Vocchi-Men)

Release Schedule:
Avengers: Gag Reel by Hachi Mizuno on September 18
Avengers: Interview with Heroes by Ken Ogino on October 2
Deadpool: Samurai by Sanshiro Kasama & Hikaru Uesugi on October 16
Halloween Avengers by mato-sensei on October 30
Ant-Man+ by Toyotaka Haneda on November 3

“Avengers: Gag Reel” – by Hachi Mizuno (Releases September 18)


“Avengers: Interview with Heroes” – by Ken Ogino (Releases October 2)

“Deadpool: Samurai” – by Sanshiro Kasama & Hikaru Uesugi (Releases October 16)

“Halloween Avengers” – by mato-sensei (Releases October 30)

“Ant-Man+” – by Toyotaka Haneda (Releases November 3)

To kick off the collaboration, a promotional manga was revealed below where Shonen Jump Plus editors talked to Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski where they discuss about Marvel Comics and their process of comic creation.

No date is shared yet regarding the collaboration, but this is something to definitely look forward to!

Source from Bleeding Cool, Anime News Network and natalie

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