Master Duel updates (Tokyo Game Show 2021)

We are getting some updates for Master Duel prior to the stream!

Update: 3 videos have gone up on the VJump channel, showing the story line and duel for World Legacy, Gem-Knights and Qliphorts!

It’s time for Tokyo Game Show 2021, which means we are getting some updates for the upcoming Master Duel video game!

Update: The game will be out this Winter!!
(In Japan terms, Winter typically means January ~ March)

3 new videos have gone up on the VJump channel, showing various storyline duel scenarios available

Storyline and Duel for World Legacy

Storyline and Duel for Gem-Knight

Storyline and Duel for Qliphort

The following screenshots are taken from the PS5 version of the game.

In Master Duel, there is a solo mode, where you can duel against CPU opponents in scenarios based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! world view.

While in solo mode, there will be various parts to the scenario where you get rewards from clearing it, such as 50 Gems or a rental deck.

The Gems are described as to be used in the shop to buy card packs or accessories.

Multiple scenarios are available based on Yu-Gi-Oh! lore. In this example, the World Legacy scenario is shown, which shows the story from the perspective of the people from the Celestial Forest against the invasion of the Krawlers.

In this scenario, you will be given with a pre-built World Chalice deck as a character Chosen by the World Chalice.

As the game supports 4K resolution, the card name and stats can be easily read even if on the field. With a sufficiently sized monitor, even the card text can be read.

In the PS5 version, card details can be read by moving the cursor to the card and pressing the L2 button, with shortcut buttons also available, allowing for console play to progress as fast as playing via touch screen on the smartphone.

The animation effect inserted when summoning a card or activating an effect is also claimed to “make the duel more exciting, yet contained so that it does not interfere with the duel. This allows for comfortable play as it strongly feels like consideration attention was made for the tempo and response of the duel”.

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be held for 4 days, where an offline trial is available for attendees to try out an offline version of the game.

Mascots are also at the booth!

The livestream starts later today at 7pm (Japan time, GMT +9), linked below. Stay tuned to this post for more updates after the stream!


Source from Famitsu

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