Master Rule Updates – Special Summoning Extra Deck Monsters

Some rulings just got posted up on Twitter from people enquiring with Konami’s ruling helpdesk. We now know how Extra Deck Monsters summoned via effects will be handled!

Disclaimer: These rulings are posted by unofficial sources on Twitter by people who have enquired to Konami’s ruling helpdesk. As they are not posted officially via official sources, their accuracy cannot be determined.
(However these accounts have a record of posting legitimate rulings so these ruling updates should be credible)

Q. When using cards such as Mask Change, Ultimaya Tzolkin or Bahamut Shark to special summon Fusion, Synchro or Xyz monsters from the Extra Deck (Which do not legally summon them), can you special summon them to a Main Monster Zone? (In the situation that there are no Link Markers pointing to those Zones.)

A. In this scenario, you may not special summon the relative monsters to the Main Monster Zone.

Additional note: This would also apply to Starlight Road, Cyber-Stein and other similar cards.

Source from ドミノガーデン/裁定つぶやき 

Q. If my Extra Monster Zone is empty and there are no Link Markers (pointing to Zones) on my field, and I have a Number 39: Utopia on my Main Monster Zone. If I were to overlay Number S39: Utopia the Lightning over it, must I summon it to my Extra Monster Zone?

A. In this scenario, your Number S39: Utopia the Lightning must be Xyz summoned to your Extra Monster Zone.

Additional note: When ranking up your Xyz monsters, they must go to an Extra Monster Zone / Linked Main Monster Zone regardless of which zone the original Xyz monster was on.

Source from 因幡うさぎ@ฅ• x •ฅ)


30 thoughts on “Master Rule Updates – Special Summoning Extra Deck Monsters

    1. Yup, that’s basically it. You can only rank up Xyz the monsters to a linked main monster / extra monster zone

    1. You will basically be able to use Ultimaya Tzolkin’s effect only if you have an empty Extra Monster Zone or a Linked Main Monster Zone

    1. The new rulings say that you can only pendulum summon monsters from the top of your extra deck in extra monster zones and in main monster zones with arrows pointed from a link monster.

  1. This basically kills all special summons and all other cards that are able to special summon monsters from the extra deck. This kills most decks…

    1. As a player, who has played since LOB and stopped just after XYZ was released. I can safely say that these new rules are so much better. It brings back the true yugioh which is not just about sitting and watching while your opponent plays his turn for 10 minutes.

  2. Basically they just made link monsters to make more $$$.. cuz now we MUST get them just to even play the game as “normal” its bull.

  3. Question:

    If Utopia is in my Extra Monster Zone and I don’t have any Linked Zones available. Can I overlay The Lightning over Utopia on the same Extra Monster Zone.?

    1. “When ranking up your Xyz monsters, they must go to an Extra Monster Zone / Linked Main Monster Zone regardless of which zone the original Xyz monster was on.”

      I think you can…. They didn’t specify if the Extra Monster Zone should have been empty.

  4. This basically returns yugioh back to the good old GX series where you always had to boost your monsters attack. I mean i play Cyber dragons, sure i can’t spam from my extra deck, but the change just allows me to keep much needed resources in hand without me having to go all in every game. In such, making the game of yugioh a bit longer and enjoyable without losing on the first turn. So i’m okay with the change.

    1. I don’t think OTK is dead… Indeed, Link monster, will be followed by link combo and strategy to OTK…. Keep hope… there will be a link combo for all deck. (except maybe for D/D/D deck)

  5. any cards requiring 2 or more (especially more) monsters summoned from the extra deck are much less viable without some way of moving your monsters to your main zone, or using them directly from extra deck. I mean syncro tuning is out, syncro fusion, and more. Oh and my Sophia deck will never be seen again.

  6. So glads have essentially been reduced to pre-BoL and knocked out a chance at op tier play again, also konami is for co g decks that even touch the extra to use links regardless of what there own cards say. Go figure, wish they would make a rule to help the players for once

  7. Yeah I play yang zings which is dead by link summoning but I also play Blue eyes that can use this to its advantage. Still rip

  8. My deck runs on Ranking Up. Thanks #Konami for fucking up your own game. I say put the Pendulum Zones on the sidelines again and turn thr “Extra Monster Zone” into a “Link Monster Zone” that way the players who have been with Yu-Gi-Oh from the VERY BEGINNING will not feel betrayed.

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