Monster Art Box

Get ready for the new 20th Anniversary item, this time with the Monster Art Box!

Cover for the Monster Art Box

The box will contain 3 hard cover commemorative books, with an estimate total thickness of 80 millimetres.

The 3 books will total over 800 pages worth of content!

The first book “Kazuki Takahashi Art Works” will contain illustrations drawn by Kazuki Takahashi himself, with artwork like “Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon” and from his studio dice Instagram account!

The 2nd book “Monster Art Works” will feature large scale versions of popular monsters along with the process of how the artworks were designed.

The 3rd book “Card Art Collection” will include card artwork of everything product from Vol. 1 all the way till 20th Anniversary Legend Collection, with a total of over 9600 card artworks!

The Monster Art Box will also include a promotional card “Shin Exodia” (True Exodia), which is a chibi version of Exodia drawn by Kazuki Takahashi himself!

More details about the product will be announced once we receive more information.

Source from Maxut

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