Mythical Beast Deck Recipe

With the remainder Mythical Beasts all revealed, it’s time to finally see what a deck recipe for it looks like!

Card Name Card Set Amt
Monster Cards 20
Mythical Beast Master Cerberus EXFO 3
Mythical Beast King Jackal EXFO 2
Mythical Beast Garuda EXFO 1
Mythical Beast Basilisk EXFO 2
Mythical Beast Medusa EXFO 2
Mythical Beast Jackal EXFO 3
Magical Abductor CORE 3
Pendulumucho MACR 1
Royal Magical Library DC01 3
Spell Cards 23
Magical Boost EXFO 3
Pendulum Paradox EXFO 2
Duelist Alliance MACR 2
Magical Citadel of Endymion 17TP 2
Terraforming  SR04 1
Toon World DP16 1
Toon Table of Contents DP16 3
Spell Power Grasp DP16 3
Wavering Eyes SD31 3
One for One SD30 1
Twin Twisters  SR04 2
Trap Cards 2
Magical Burst EXFO 1
Extra Buck SD31 1
Extra Deck 0


Source from OCG Official Twitter

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