Negalogia AA-Zeus (Japan ranking playmat)

Japan has just teased a new card that looks absolutely divine!

Area Ranking limited Duel Field

Japan has just announced their next Ranking Duel Field (Playmat) which as per tradition includes the artwork for a new unknown card! For the top 1200 duelists with the highest Area Ranking Points throughout the months of July to September 2020 which features this  currently unnamed card, though the playmat titles it as “Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus Sky Thunder”.

Update: The name of the card is confirmed to be 天霆號アーゼウス (Negalogia AA-Zeus) as shared by the official OCG Website.

No details are given yet as to where this card will be released. We will update here on once we get more information.

Nation Wide limited Duel Field

At the same time, Japan has released a playmat of Teardrop the Rikka Queen which will be given out to the top 800 duelists in Japan

The playmat also features additional holographic effect.

Source from and OCG Official Website

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