New Master Rule Updates

The OCG Official Website has updated their site with visuals and more updates for the New Master Rule! Here is the translated article to go through all the changes!

PS: Guess this article confirms that Pendulum Monsters pendulum summoned from the Extra Deck will go to the Extra Monster Zone, while Pendulum Monsters pendulum summoned from your hand will go to your Main Monster Zones.

New Master Rule Key Points

Starting from this Spring, the Link Monsters and Link Summoning that debut in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS animation will debut in the OCG too!

Starting from March 25, 2017 along with the Starter Deck that contains those Link Monsters, the new Master Rule will take effect!

Check out the new points from the previous “Master Rule 3” and experience the new form of dueling!

New points to the “New Master Rule”

New Extra Monster Zone

The Duel Field has changed, expanding the monster zones to allow you to summon out a 6th monster.

Link Monsters debut!

Link Monsters are the new monsters that can be summoned from the Extra Deck.

Link Markers provide a new form of battle strategy, and this new type of monster cannot go to defence position (and have no defence points)

New summoning method “Link Summon”!

Link summons (Similar to Synchro Summons and Xyz summons)uses face-up monsters on the field as its materials for this new summoning method. This Link summon will be introduced here for you to summon out your Link Monsters from the Extra Deck!

To start, here are the basics of Link Summons.

Link Summon Basics (1) It uses face-up monsters on the field for materials.

Link Summon Basics (2) When Link summoning a “Link-n” monster, you need to use “n” amounts of Link materials.

(Replace n with the same number)

Basic Link Summoning would count 1 monster as 1 Link Material

Link Summon Basics (3) The requirements of the monsters for the Link Materials are listed under the Link Monster’s Monster-Type on the card.

Here is an example.

If summoning a Link-1 “Link Spider”

It’s “Link-1” and its materials are “1 Normal Monster”…

Send a Normal Monster to the Graveyard to link summon to the Extra Monster Zone!

If summoning a Link-3 “Decode Talker”

So what if it is “Link-3” and it’s materials are 2 or more Effect Monsters?

Not forgetting Link Summon Basics (2), you use 3 Effect monsters to Link Summon Decode Talker!

With that, those are the basics to Link Summon.

Link Summon Basics (4) A “Link-n” monster counts as “n” amounts of Link materials.

(Replace n with the same number)

For example, a “Link-2” monster counts as 2 materials when using it for a Link Summon.

When using it to summon a “Decode Talker” that states its materials as “2 or more Effect Monsters”, instead of using 3 Effect Monsters, you can use a “Link-2” Effect Monster and a single Effect Monster to Link Summon it.

New Monster type Cyverse-Type” debuts!

The new Monster type “Cyverse-Type”  debuts.

They are a monster type used by the main protagonist of the new animation “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS” and there will be more “Cyverse-Type” monsters in the future.

Changes from the previous Master Rule

Here are the changes from the previous “Master Rule 3”!

The Monster Zones will be renamed as the “Main Monster Zones”

The Monster Zones from the past will be now renamed as “Main Monster Zones”

Pendulum Zones will combine with the Spell & Trap Card Zones

The Pendulum Zones will combine with the left-most and right-most Spell & Trap Card Zones.

Changes to special summoning monsters from the Extra Deck

When summoning Fusion, Synchro, Xyz or Pendulum monsters from the Extra Deck, they will be special summoned to your Extra Monster Zone.

(If you are special summoning monsters from anywhere besides the Extra Deck, you will use the Main Monster Zones as before.)

However, there are ways to special summon Extra Deck Monsters to zones aside from your Extra Monster Zone.

Main Monster Zones pointed to by your Link Monster’s “Link Markers” can be used to special summon monsters from your Extra Deck.

Use the Link Monsters who will debut from here to achieve victory!

In this scenario, the 2 Main Monster Zones indicated can be used to special summon monsters from the Extra Deck!

New Master Rule Q&A

Q: If Special Summoned an Extra Deck Monster normally, and it goes to the Graveyard, and I want to Special Summon it with “Monster Reborn”, which Zone does it go to?

A: It goes into the Main Monster Zone, not the Extra Monster Zone.

Q: Can you use “Book of Moon” on Link Monsters?

A: Link Monsters cannot be in defence position, so you cannot target them with “Book of Moon”.

Q: If your opponent’s only monster is in their Extra Monster Zone, can you attack them directly?

A: If there’s a monster in the Extra Monster Zone, unless some kind of effect is in play, you would have to attack that monster first.

Q: Can you destroy 2 Set Spell & Trap Cards in your Left Most and Right Most Spell & Trap Zones with “Wavering Eyes”?

A: The Left Most and Right Most Spell & Trap Zones are regular Spell & Trap Zones, and do not become Pendulum Zones unless you activate a Pendulum Card in them, or if a Pendulum Card is placed in them by a card effect. A Set Spell & Trap Card in either of those Zones cannot be destroyed by “Wavering Eyes”.

Source from OCG Official Website

44 thoughts on “New Master Rule Updates”

  1. lvg115 says:

    Nice Post, Dsu.

    1. DSummon says:


  2. kazuya666 says:

    Could a token be used to Link Summon?

    1. kazuya666 says:

      Also, a pendulum monster.

      Since they could not go to the graveyard from field.
      Or is this Link Summoning’s mechanism similar to Synchro Summoning’s?

    2. cybear13 says:

      No. The monsters must be sent to the Graveyard.

    3. kazuya666 says:


      got any valid resources?

    4. DSummon says:

      Officially, nothing is mentioned yet about using a Pendulum Monster or Token to Link Summon, so we will have to wait for more news.

    5. kazuya666 says:

      thankyou 🙂

  3. JC Dahilan says:

    Is it confirmed the rules about the Pendulum monster from Extra Deck?

    1. DSummon says:

      Yup, it is specifically mentioned on the OCG Japan official site as translated above. Original text for reference from the source.

      “When summoning Fusion, Synchro, Xyz or Pendulum monsters from the Extra Deck, they will be special summoned to your Extra Monster Zone.”

      “融合、シンクロ、エクシーズ、ペンデュラムのいずれのモンスターも、 エクストラデッキから特殊召喚される場合には、基本的にエクストラモンスターゾーンに特殊召喚することになるぞ。”

  4. sony says:

    Question, IF you sp.summoned a link monster to a main monster (after you sp.summon one in your extra monster zone), what will happen to it if your link monster that’s in your extra monster zone gets destroyed?

    1. John says:

      Nothing. It’s already been summoned properly, so you’re good.

  5. YGOPRODeck (@YGOPRODeck) says:

    Excellent article! Easily the best explanation of the new mechanics so far. Very easy to follow.

  6. Ciaran Doidge says:

    What if a monster is special summoned to the Link Zone, and uses its effect to leave field and return at some point after, example Psy-Framelord Omega. Can he return to a standard monster zone?

    1. DSummon says:

      There’s no rulings on that right now, so we will have to wait for updates before you can get an accurate answer on that scenario.

  7. Gogenzaka Noboru says:

    Where do the Pendulum Monsters go when I Pendulum Summon from Extra Deck? To Extra Monster Zone or Main Monster Zone? A little bit confusing. Thanks for the one who answer my question.

    1. John says:

      Main Monster zone, unless they’re a Synchro-Pendulum or Xyz-Pendulum.

    2. DSummon says:

      As stated above under “Changes to special summoning monsters from the Extra Deck”, when you Pendulum Summon Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck, they can only go to your Extra Monster Zone, or Main Monster Zones which are linked.

      So if you have no linked zones, you are basically limited to pendulum summoning only 1 Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck

  8. Danforth Vista says:

    What if a Link Monster is Summoned to the Main Monster Zone from the Graveyard? Can I use the Zones pointed by its Link Markers to Special Summon Monsters from the Extra Deck?

    1. DSummon says:

      Yup, you would be able to use those zones~

  9. My says:

    how you will play ultimaya tzolkin and shooting quasar dragon

    1. Dunames says:

      combo to ss Quasar under new master rule:

      Or see my reply to this article:

    2. DSummon says:

      Ultimaya Tzolkin can’t be confirmed for now, since its not clear at the moment whether it can use it’s effect if you have no other zones legal to summon monsters from the Extra Deck.

      As for Quasar, still pretty possible. Here you go!

    3. Dunames says:


      I think It could be confirmed when you use Tzolkin’s effect you must have free ex monster zone.
      No matter the monsters would be summoned normally or not, if they are summoned from ex deck, free ex monster zones are needed.
      The key point is summoned from WHERE rather than HOW the monsters are summoned.

  10. Alan says:

    I can use a token for a link summon?}

    1. DSummon says:

      No official info on whether tokens can be used, we will have to wait and see. My personal guess is that it will not be allowed though (Or Gofu will become a crazy card that everyone will put in every deck)

  11. donaldchia says:

    What about pendulum monsters from extra deck when pendulum summon. E.g. 2 pendulum monsters from extra deck and I want to pendulum summon the 2 pendulum monster

    1. DSummon says:

      You will basically need to have 2 Linked Zones to summon 2 Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck. E.g. a Missus Radiant on the Extra Monster Zone, linking 2 Main Monster Zones

  12. Sam192 says:

    For Cipher dragon & neo cipher dragon effect, let say you manage to take control of one/two of your opponent monster(s) (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ or Pendulum) where will it be place? Thanks

    1. DSummon says:

      There’s no info right now about taking control of your opponent’s monsters, so we will have to wait for that.

    2. Jack says:

      if you think, it probably goes to your main monster zone since the monsters already on the field not from extra deck. Just like special summon monster from graveyard.

  13. Rakhmat Hadita Putra says:

    if honeybot summoned using link method (link monster + material)

    2 Cybers Monster

    does the material must be a cybers monster or generic monster like bubbleman + generic link 1 monster ?
    or is it must be a cybers + cybers link monster?

    1. Dunames says:

      It still must be a cybers + cybers link monster,
      It is absolutely necessary to satisfy the link summon condition.

  14. fatguy22 says:

    dawg, so if my summon monsters points to one of my opponent’s zones i’m giving him a free extra monster zone?!

    1. Jack says:

      That would be nice and sneaky 😆

  15. Docx says:

    This is going to make odd-eyes raging and odd-eyes rebellion almost impossible to play with their effects. So the link monsters are used to play more cards from the extra deck but what are the chances that the extra monster zone is only used for link monsters?

    1. DSummon says:

      You can use the Extra Monster Zones for all monsters from the Extra Deck, so summoning Odd-Eyes Raging and Odd-Eyes Rebellion is still pretty possible. Just make sure your Pendulum Dragon is pendulum summoned from hand so that it is in the main monster zone. (Alternatively revive your Rebellion Dragon from grave so that its in the main monster zone)

  16. Croire says:

    Can I just say that this new Master Rule sucks.
    I hope this is overturned by the Yugioh congress or something in the next year or so or I may quit after finally returning with Arc-V….

    1. Frozenmax says:

      Agreed, decks Like Cyber-Dragons, E-Hero and Hidden Arsenal got killed with this, + Konami is gonna release a triple-deck based on series which focuses on the Extra Deck. So they are gonna release 3 Decks which are basically impossible to use at their full potential since no Link-Monster will be included. GG Konami

  17. Tigo says:

    When I use pendulum reborn while I have pendulum monsters face up in my extra deck can I special summon them to my main monster zone without a link monster to escort them through?

    1. Shadow Wolf says:

      Id like to know too

  18. Gregory Cook says:

    I’m a fusion duelist and I’m wondering if I fusion summon one, it goes to the extra monster zone, correct? If I fusion summon a second one, that one goes to the main monster zone, correct? I’m slightly confused about these new rules.

    1. DSummon says:

      When you fusion summon (or summon anything from the extra deck), it has to go to the extra monster zone.

      With that in mind, you can’t fusion summon a second monster since you have already taken up an extra monster zone. You can only fusion summon to the main monster zone if there is a main monster zone on your field which has an arrow from a Link monster pointing to it

    2. Gregory Cook says:

      Oh OK. Thanks anyways.

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