OCG Limit Regulation – January 2020 Comments

Do you sometimes wonder what Konami is considering when they make changes to the OCG Limit Regulation? Well they have just provided some brief comments for this latest list!

Card Name Change Comment
Forbidden to 0
Outer Entity Azathot New -> Forbidden This card allows 1 side to build their field as much as possible.
Topologic Gumblar Dragon New -> Forbidden Destruction of large amount of cards from hand in the first turn.
Limited to 1
Zoodiac Drident Banned -> Limited Following Zoodiac Barrage to revive the Zoodiac deck.
The Beginning of the End New -> Limited Highly used key card in Danger!
Semi-Limited to 2
Altergeist Meluseek New -> Semi-Limited Regulating the key card for opening the duel.
Galatea, the Orcust Automaton New -> Semi-Limited Highly used link monster for the opening ~ mid duel.
Orcust Harp Horror New -> Semi-Limited Strong card used in multiple decks.
Deep Sea Diva Limited->Semi-Limited Semi-Limiting to strengthen Atlantean deck.
Babycerasaurus Limited->Semi-Limited Providing a second wind to Dinosaurs.
Tour Guide From the Underworld Limited->Semi-Limited Card used for Burning Abyss and Unchained.
Mathematician Limited->Semi-Limited Semi-limiting of card with high utility.
Nekroz of Unicore Limited->Semi-Limited Slight releasing of regulation for the theme.
Thunder Dragonroar New -> Semi-Limited Regulating of the current highly popular deck.
Salamangreat Circle New -> Semi-Limited Semi-Limiting to 2 for this key opening card.
Mind Control New -> Semi-Limited Card that is able to make an advantageous situation even more advantageous.
Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole New -> Semi-Limited It’s effect allows Sky Striker cards to be used twice.
Allure of Darkness New -> Semi-Limited Heavily used in Thunder Dragon and Danger!
Red Reboot New -> Semi-Limited Used against decks that utilised powerful trap cards.
Unlimited to 3
Elemental HERO Shadow Mist Semi-Limited -> Unlimited Increasing stability of HERO decks.
Invoked Mechaba Limited -> Unlimited Unlimiting of a strong card with a powerful effect at 1 go.
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber Semi-Limited -> Unlimited Allowing the situation of destroying all monsters at 1 go.
Chain Strike Semi-Limited -> Unlimited Bringing stability to effect damage decks.
Reasoning Semi-Limited -> Unlimited To take note of Infernoid decks from here on.
Draco Face-Off Semi-Limited -> Unlimited Strengthening decks focused on Pendulum Summoning.


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