OCG Limit Regulation October 2018 Changes

Here’s the news everyone has been waiting for the entire day! The new OCG Limit Regulation for October 2018 is here! No! Not my Summon Sorceress!


Amazoness Archer

Mega Cannon Soldier

Summon Sorceress


Restricted to 1:

Performage Damage Juggler

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Knightmare Goblin

A Hero Lives

Gold Sarcophagus


Altergeist Multi-faker

Nekroz of Brionac

Dante – Traveller of the Burning Abyss

Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor

Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage

Super Polymerization

That grass looks greener

True King Return

Ring of Destruction


Released from Regulation:

Aleister the Invoker

Destiny Hero – Disk Commander


Evigishki Gustkraken

El Shaddoll Construct

El Shaddoll Winda


Source: Yu-Gi-Oh.jp twitter

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