[OCG] Tournament Pack 2023 Vol. 2 new rarity

New season of rankings brings new tournament packs. And brand new rarity

23TP-JP204 Magician of Faith

23TP-JP206 Boost Warrior

23TP-JP211 Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles

23TP-JP214 Necroid Synchro

23TP-JP217 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus (Secret Rare SPECIAL BLUE Ver.)

23TP-JP208 – Abominable Unchained Soul

23Tp-JP212 – Ursarctic Septentrion

23Tp-JP213 – Evolzar Laggia

23TP-JP215 – Evo-Singularity

23TP-JP203 – Illusionist Faceless Mage

23TP-JP205 – Behemoth the King of All Animals

23TP-JP207 – Thestalos The Mega Monarch

23TP-JP209 – First of the Dragons

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Jp

Source : Yu-Gi-Oh Twitter

Source : Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter

Source : Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter

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