[PAC1] The Ghost Girls are coming soon in Prismatic Art Collection

Ghost Girls are getting the Prismatic Secret Rare treatment and it comes with an alternate art for Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill!!

PAC1-JP010 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 幽鬼うさぎ db

PAC1-JP015 Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries 浮幽さくら db

PAC1-JP016 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 灰流うらら db

PAC1-JP017 Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion 屋敷わらし db

PAC1-JP018 Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood 儚無みずき db

PAC1-JP035 Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill 朔夜しぐれ db

Source from VJumplay.com

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