[ST17] Reprints from Poster

The New Starter Deck’s poster just got revealed on the OCG official twitter, confirming new reprints for the deck! Time for you to learn how to use Effect Monsters, Spells and Traps with Marauding Captain, Monster Reborn and Mirror Force!!

[ST17] Cybenet Universe

The first support spell for Link Monsters is out for the new Starter Deck! Prepare to enter the Cybenet Universe of the Cyverse!! (Well, Cybernet, but it’s not a card that can be searched by Cyber Dragon Core so…)

New Master Rule Updates

The OCG Official Website has updated their site with visuals and more updates for the New Master Rule! Here is the translated article to go through all the changes! PS: Guess this article confirms that Pendulum Monsters pendulum summoned from the Extra Deck will go to the Extra

[SR04] Ojama Trio Reprint

All the more reason for me to believe tokens can’t be used for Link Summons. Ojama Trio reprint in the Structure Deck R: Tyranno’s Rage confirmed! (Just imagine a reprint that gives your opponent 3 tokens and your opponent uses them for Link Summons lol)

Discussion of upcoming changes

This is a video of our mini discussion on the 18th Feb 2017. I apologise for the bad audio. First time doing up a video. I’ll do better next time! First part has been cut off. 🙁  I’ll do the introduction next time! Changes made