[SR06] Prohibition Text Update

Every once in awhile, Konami takes the chance to update some texts when they do reprints and this latest Structure Deck is no different. It’s time for Prohibition to get a text update!

[SR06] Duke Shade, King of the Umbra

Time for another deck reveal, now with the Structure Deck R releasing this week! Its Duke Shade, King of the Umbra! PS: it’s perfect to combo with Lair of Darkness to clear any of your opponent’s monsters!

[VJMP] Shooting Riser Dragon Revealed

One of the most highly anticipated VJump promotional card has finally been revealed. It’s Shooting Riser Dragon’s effect and it looks like an nice new synchro tuner that helps you to setup your graveyard!

Duel Monster 20th Anniversary Set

This year looks like its gonna be a great year for the collectors! The 20th Anniversary Duelist Item set “20th Anniversary Set” has been announced, which includes the extremely rare Volume 1 booster pack!