[COTD] Mauled Captain

Marauding Captain has returned alive in Code of the Duelist, and he looks pretty pissed at the state of things around him! PS: So… Norden’s effect as a main deck monster this time?

[SD32] Cyverse Link

While everyone is still waiting for news on Link Summoning rulings, the first structure deck for VRAINS has been announced! Get ready for Structure Deck: Cyverse Link!

52nd Toreka Mania Yu-Gi-Oh! CS (25/2)

Date: 12 February 2017 Limit Regulation List: January 2017 OCG Venue: Japan Number of Participants: 64 Source: 52nd Toreka Mania Yu-Gi-Oh! CS 1st Place: Zoodiac Kaiju 2nd Place: Zoodiac 3rd Place: Zoodiac Metalfoe Kozmo 4th Place: Zefra