A certain magical Invoker who recklessly summons the Invoked. In this article, we will review the Invoked archetype and combos.


大家好,先做一下自我介紹吧。我是來自香港的亞洲裁判 HoShing Wu,在網上常用的ID是幻想崩壞,同時也是個期望自己競技水準有所提高的玩家。從今天起會負責Beyond The Duel中文文章的更新,主要涉及競技方面的經驗和分析。另外我亦在簡書網設有個人博客。雖然至今我仍只是在追仿Top Player,還請大家多多指教。

[MACR] Baobaboon

New card for Maximum Crisis just got announced, and it looks good for switching out cards in your hand! MACR-JP034 バオバブーン Baobaboon Level 3 DARK Plant-Type Effect Monster ATK 1200 DEF 1000 (1) If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can draw 1

[20AP 2nd Wave] Poster

The 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave poster has just been revealed on Twitter with some nice news for the pack! A few new cards are shown, but they are too small to see for now. Do check back when we get a higher resolution for

[20AP 2nd Wave] Dueltainment

Yuya’s Entertainment Duel takes a physical form in the upcoming 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave! 20AP-JP060 エンタメデュエル Entame Duel (OCG: Entertainment Duel/TCG: Dueltainment) Field Spell Card (1) If this card is in the Field Zone, each time each 1 of these conditions is fullfilled in

Zoodiac Paleozoic

Paleozoic players are faced with the limitation of Toadally Awesome in the January 2017 format. The previous idea of playing a Frog engine was to accelerate the summon of Toadally Awesome. This prevents the player from being too vulnerable when the opponent’s turn comes, as Paleozoic