New Master Rule Updates – Perfect Rulebook

A fresh new update for the Master Rule just popped up with some crazy news! Remember that new Extra Monster Zone which each player has access to 1? Well you now have a way to steal both Extra Monster Zones for yourself!! Introducing Extra Link!!

[COTD] Stargrail’s Beckoned

Finally, the Priestess’s older brother makes an appearance in Code of the Duelist, with Stargrail’s Beckoned! PS: With all this 0 DEF love, maybe Box of Friends will be a good card to use in the deck?

Master Rule Explanation

Master Rule Explanation Video (with English subtitles) Master Rule Explanation Video (with Mandarin subtitles) Chinese subtitles by 國立臺灣大學卡片遊戲研究社 NTUCGM

20th Toreka Market CS (19/3)

Date: 19 March 2017 Limit Regulation List: April 2017 OCG Venue: Japan Number of Participants: 18 Source: 20th Toreka Market CS 1st Place: True Draco Invoked 2nd Place: True Draco Dinosaur 3rd Place: Ritual Kaiju Burning Abyss 4th Place: Kaiju Dinosaur