YOT Hong Kong 2017: Feature Match Round 6

We are now in Round 6 and we have with us two overseas players who are both standing at 5-0. Kubo Kujiro [True King Dinosaur Yang Zing] is from Japan and he’s playing against Huang Chung-Chuan [Brilliant Venus Stargrail] from Taiwan.

YOT Hong Kong 2017: Feature Match Round 3

It’s Swiss Round 3 now and the players with 2 Byes are now in the tournament as well. For this feature match, we have Li Zhi Hao [True King Dinosaur Yang Zing] going against Ng Wai Loong [True Draco Metalfoes Kozmo]. Both players are currently

Welcome to Day 1 of YOT Hong Kong 2017

This is our 5th Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament and we are back in Hong Kong. YOT Hong Kong 2017 will be the most anticipated event for it is the very first major tournament using the New Master Rule, the OCG 2017.04 Limit Regulation, and new cards

[CP17] Slow Life

It’s time for the Slow Life in Collectors Pack 2017 with a card that aims to slow down the game to a nice relaxing chill!