Prismatic God Box – with product details

モンスターではない、神だ! (It’s not a monster, it’s a god!!)A brand new box with the Prismatic Secret Rare promotional card will be released on 19 December 2020 (Saturday)! Aside from brand new cards to add to your deck, this box will include a special pack with reprints aimed at supporting the new cards.

Product Name: Prismatic God Box
Release Date: 19 December 2020 (Saturday)
Japan price: 3000 yen each

1) Promotional Card x 1 (Prismatic Secret Rare, total 3 types)

2) Prismatic God Box Special Pack x 5 packs (5 cards per pack, total 50 types)
* Each pack will include 1 Millennium Ultra Rare card and 4 Millennium Rare cards
* The Millennium Ultra Rare cards will also be available in Ultimate Rare rarity

3) Custom Card Display Case x 1
* Plastic display case that can be secured with screws to display your cards
* Includes transparent card protector for display usage x 2 pieces
* Decorative card frame (1 piece each for card protector size & card size)
* Instructional manual included

4) Special Duelist Card Protector (sleeves) x 1 pack (70 pieces, total 3 types)

5) Special Duelist card Protector – Large, Clear x 1 pack (70 pieces, Thicker large size card protectors)

6) Special Storage Box x 1 (Total 3 types)

Product size: H76xW176xD110(mm)

More information about the Prismatic God Box will be released at a later date.

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