[RD/KP03] Fantastrike Dragon Miragears & Return of Dragon

The Dragons are getting stronger in Rush Duel!

Deck Modification Pack: Fantastrike Mirage Impact!! packaging

RD/KP03-JP025 幻撃竜ミラギアス (Fantastrike Dragon Miragears)
DARK Dragon / Effect
LV7 2500/1500
{Requirement} Send 1 monster (level 7 or higher Dragon) from your hand to the GY.
{Effect} Choose up to 2 face-up monsters (Level 7 or lower) your opponent controls, and they lose 1500 ATK until the end of this turn. This turn, if this card destroys a monster by battle, it can make a second attack on monsters during the same Battle Phase.
-Rush Duel-

RD/KP03-JP043 リターン・オブ・ドラゴン (Return of Dragon)
Spell Card
{Requirement} Shuffle 3 monsters (Dragon) from your GY into the Deck.
{Effect} Draw 1 card.
-Rush Duel-

Source from Rush Duel Official Twitter
Translated by The Organization

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