[RD/MAX1] Welcome the Chair family!

Everyone needs more chairs!

The Chair series continues!

RD/MAX1-JP038 ドウェルチェア・ギア (Dwell Chair Gear)
DARK Machine / Normal
LV3 0/1200
(A mechanical chair that is easy to mass produce. The comfort one gets from sitting on something that used to be alive has been lost.)
-Rush Duel-

RD/MAX1-JP039 ドウェルチェア・ボーン (Dwell Chair Bone)
DARK Zombie / Normal
LV1 0/0
(The first of the living chairs made by a family of furniture craftsmen. It’s got a quirky level of seating comfort.)
-Rush Duel-

RD/MAX1-JP040 ドウェルチェア・セイバー (Dwell Chair Saber)
DARK Warrior / Normal
LV1 0/1400
家具職人の一族が繁栄を極めた時代に作られた、生体イスの傑作。快適な座り心地。 (The pièce de résistance of the family of furniture craftsmen that they made at their peak. It’s very comfortable to sit on.)
-Rush Duel-

RD/MAX1-JP041 コラプス・チェア (Collapse Chair)
Normal Trap Card
[Requirement] You can activate when an Attack Position monster (DARK/ATK 0) you control is destroyed by the attack of an opponent’s monster.
[Effect] Destroy all Attack Position monsters (Level 8 or lower) on the field. Then, send cards from the top of the Decks equal to [The number of monsters destroyed by this effect]
-Rush Duel-

Source from Rush Duel Official Twitter
Translated by The Organization

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