Remote Duel Battle Royale – Live streams

Here’s your chance to check out these past World Championship Asia players in action, Remote Duel style!

4 of the past World Championship players from Asia will be doing a live stream during this upcoming Remote Duel Battle Royale event!

Name Region Twitch ID Schedule
Wang Chia Ching Taiwan Picapicacuu 2:00pm
09 March (Tue)
10 March (Wed)
16 March (Tue)
17 March (Wed)
Huang Shin-En Taiwan senion0901 8:00pm
08 March (Mon)
11 March (Thu)
15 March (Mon)
18 March (Thu)
Milton Chua Singapore ScarletCyber 1:00pm
06 March (Sat)

14 March (Sun)
20 March (Sat)
21 March (Sun)

Ho Yun Kang Malaysia FishtankZai 10:00am
13 March (Sat)
14 March (Sun)
20 March (Sat)
21 March (Sun)

Note that all timings are based on GTM+8 Hong Kong time.

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