[RUL] Rank-Up League Summer 2017 Duel Field Designs

The next Rank-Up League mat design is up and it’s based on the new Magical Musketeers theme!

Asia players who take part in ranking tournaments will receive ranking points which will count towards a seasonal ranking score. The top players for each country will then be invited to a Rank-Up League event where they will receive limited duel fields for participating! The current season includes the ranking tournaments held during the period from July to September 2017.

The Top 32 players participating in the Rank-Up League for each country will receive this duel field (playmat) based on the Magical Musketeers.

The Champion for each country’s Rank-Up League will in addition obtain this duel field which also feature the Magical Musketeers including their boss monster Zamiel.

For more information on the Ranking tournaments and Rank-Up League: Asia Official Website

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