[RUL] Rank-Up League Spring 2018 Duel Field Designs

This announcement took awhile but it’s finally here. The next Rank-Up League mats for the current season has been announced and it looks like its gonna be Knightmares! 

The on-going Season 1 (April 2018 to June 2018) for the Ranking Tournaments is coming to an end soon and the Rank-Up League mats going to the top 32 players in the Asia region has been announced!

The participation mat will be awarded to the top 32 ranking players of each Asia region who attend their Rank-Up League events, while the champion mat is awarded to the champion for that event.

Aside from the Rank-Up League mat designs. All information for the Ranking Tournaments for the year have also been announced, with the info generally staying the same as before, including where the Ranking Champions for the first half and second half of the year will be respectively invited to the main events of the Asia Championships after that.

Rank-Up League Spring 2018 Participation Playmat featuring “Knightmare Unicorn”

Rank-Up League Spring 2018 Champion Playmat featuring “Knightmare Gryphon”

Source from OCG Asia Official Website

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