Rulings from Remote Duel Battle Royale Week 1

Compilations of ruling questions asked in the official Discord server on the first week of the Remote Duel Battle Royale.

Q. “Dogmatika Punishment” is activated by targeting a linked “Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator”, during resolution will “Dogmatika Punishment” send 1 monster from your Extra Deck to the graveyard?
A. Yes.

Q. 「教導懲戒」發動時以連結狀態的 「自奏聖樂·朗基爾蘇」為對象,效果處理時「教導懲戒」可以把1隻怪獸從自己的額外卡組送入墓地嗎?
A. 可以。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #17770

Q. While “Vanity’s Fiend” is on the field, can “Interrupted Kaiju Slumber” be activated?
A. No.

Q. 「虛無魔人」在場時,可以發動「遭受妨礙的壞獸安眠」嗎?
A. 不可以。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #6411

Q. “Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess” was Link Summoned using 4 monsters as materials while equipped with “Moon Mirror Shield” has its effect negated by “Effect Veiler”. What is its ATK after battling an opponent’s monster?
A. At the start of this scenario, “Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess” will have 0 ATK because its effect is negated. During Damage Calculation, “Moon Mirror Shield” would make its ATK equal to opponent’s monster’s ATK or DEF +100. After Damage Calculation, it would return to 0 ATK. At the end of the turn when “Effect Veiler” stops applying, it will remain at 0 ATK.

Q. 使用4隻怪獸作為素材連結召喚的「召命的神弓ー阿波羅薩」裝備著「月鏡盾」被「效果遮蒙者」效果无效。攻擊對手的怪獸後,攻擊力會是多少?
A. 這個情況下,「召命的神弓ー阿波羅薩」因為被「效果遮蒙者」效果无效所以攻擊力是0。在傷害計算時,「月鏡盾」會把攻擊力變成對手怪獸的攻擊力、守備力中較高的數值+100。在傷害計算後,攻擊力會變回0。在回合結束時「效果遮蒙者」效果結束後,攻擊力仍是0。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database Ruling #6874
Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #22618

Q. Can the activation of “Nadir Servant” be negated by “Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion”?
A. Yes.

Q. 「天底使徒」可以被「屋敷童子」發動无效嗎?
A. 可以。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #10463

Q. “Pot of Prosperity” was negated by “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring”, can I still draw cards by card effects this turn?
A. No, the text that is not an effect will not be negated by card effects.

Q. 「金滿而謙虛之壺」被「灰流麗」效果无效,這回合還可以使用卡牌效果抽卡嗎?
A. 不可以,不是效果的文本不會被卡的效果無效。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Perfect Rulebook 2020 Page 188

Q. Can I activate “Harpie’s Feather Duster” if the opponent does not have any Spell/Trap cards on the field?
A. No.

Q. 對手場上沒有魔法·陷阱卡時,可以發動「神鷹羽毛掃」嗎?
A. 不可以。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database “Harpie’s Feather Duster”

Q. “Gozen Match” effect is being applied, can “Chamber Dragonmaid” ② effect be activated and return to hand to Special Summon 1 Level 7 or higher “Dragonmaid” monster from your hand or graveyard?
A. No, because currently there is no DARK Level 7 or higher “Dragonmaid” monster. (This might change in the future)

Q. 「御前試合」效果適用中,可以發動「龍女僕·寢室龍女」②效果放回持有者手牌,從自己的手牌·墓地特殊召喚1隻等級7以上的「龍女僕」怪獸嗎?
A. 不可以,因為目前沒有暗屬性等級7以上的「龍女僕」怪獸。(將來有可能會更改)

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #10427

Q. Can “Solemn Judgment” be activated on Pendulum Summon? If so, how many monsters will be destroy?
A. Yes, all monsters that would be Pendulum Summoned will be destroyed and sent to the graveyard.

Q. 「神之宣告」可以無效鐘擺召喚嗎?如果可以,會破壞幾隻怪獸?
A. 可以,全部鐘擺召喚的怪獸都會被破壞送入墓地。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #13150

Q. The opponent has 3 Set Spell/Trap cards while I have a Set “Mystical Space Typhoon” on the field. I Normal Summoned “Denko Sekka” and activate the set “Mystical Space Typhoon” using my priority, can the opponent respond using any of their face-down Spell/Trap cards?
A. No, after “Denko Sekka” is successfully summoned, activating the set “Mystical Space Typhoon” on your field would cause you to have no set Spell/Trap cards on the field and enable “Denko Sekka” Continuous Effect, causing both players to be unable to activate Spell/Trap Cards that are Set on the field.

Q. 對手場上蓋放著3張魔法·陷阱卡,我場上蓋放著1張「氣旋」。我通常召喚「電光-雪花-」,使用優先權發動蓋放著的「氣旋」,對手可以使用裡側表示的魔法·陷阱卡來連鎖嗎?
A. 不可以,在「電光-雪花-」成功召喚後,發動蓋放著的「氣旋」後會使自己場上沒有蓋放著的魔法·陷阱卡並使「電光-雪花-」的永続効果起效,造成雙方不能發動場上裡側表示的魔法·陷阱卡。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database “Denko Sekka”

Q. I have a face-up “Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden” and a face-down “Shaddoll Dragon” on the field, while the opponent has a “There Can Be Only One” on the field. What happens when the opponent’s monster attacks “Shaddoll Dragon”?
A. In this scenario, attacking “Shaddoll Dragon” would cause it to flip face-up before Damage Calculation, then it will be sent to the graveyard after Damage Calculation.
“Shaddoll Dragon” ① effect (Flip Effect) can be activated after Damage Calculation.
“Shaddoll Dragon” is not sent to the graveyard by a card effect, so its ② effect cannot be activated.

Q. 我場上有1隻表側表示的「聖魔的乙女阿爾提密斯」和1隻裡側表示的「影依·龍」,對手場上有個適用中的「千察萬別」。當對手怪獸攻擊裡側表示的「影依·龍」時,如何處理?
A. 這個情況下,當裡側表示的「影依·龍」被攻擊時,它會在傷害計算前變成表側表示,然後在傷害計算後送入墓地。

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #6168
Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card Database Ruling #12679

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