Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale update

It’s time to RUSH your duels this coming Summer!

Game teaser text

The Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS based Rush Duel will be making it’s debut soon on Switch!

Rush Duel is a dynamic duel that allows you to summon any amount of monsters you like and draw a large amount of cards to make a comeback victory!

Characters from the anime such as Yuga and Luke will also make an appearance in the game, allowing you to not just enjoy Rush Duel but also the original story made for this game!

Summon your ace monster and enjoy the strongest battles!


Game title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!!

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release date: Summer 2021

Source from Rush Duel Saikyou Battle official website

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