Sasuga Cup Season 2 (14/6)

Date: 14 June 2018
Limit Regulation List: April 2018 OCG
Venue: Singapore
Number of Participants: 16
Format: 4 round Swiss

1st Place: Kaiju Luna Meta-Beat
2nd Place: Mekk-Knight Invoked Sky Striker
3rd/4th Place: Sky Striker
3rd/4th Place: Palladion Link

The [Sasuga Cup] is an invitation-only tournament that is specially catered to the Casual Yu-Gi-Oh! players in Singapore. Hosted by Sasuga Colin, this tournament aims to bring the Casuals players together and unite them, to explore further and in-depth, deck ideas that could shine some light on the current metagame. The other aim of the Sasuga Cup is also to expose the Casual players to the tournament scene in Singapore, where they can practice for Ranking or Qualifier tournaments.  There is also a special addition to the limit regulation to add in some spice to the tournament, where players can face decks that may be outside of the meta.

Sasuga Cup Season 2 special list:

Firewall Dragon
Heavy Metalfoes Electrumite

Restrict to 1:
Altergeist Silquitous
Gouki Rematch
Sentouki Start-Up Engage
Sentouki Hornet Bit

Limit to 2:
Altergeist Multifaker.

1st Place: Samuel Cheng [Kaiju Luna Meta-Beat]

YGOPro Deck File Download


2nd Place: Melvin Tan [Mekk-Knight Invoked Sky Striker]

YGOPro Deck File Download


3rd-4th Place: Teo Soon Teck [Sky Striker]

YGOPro Deck File Download


3rd-4th Place: Clemens Sebastian Dittmer [Palladion Link]

YGOPro Deck File Download


Most Creative Deck: Chalmers Chua [Shiranui Cosmos]

YGOPro Deck File Download


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