[SCTP-SC] 参赛包 Volume 1

参赛包 Volume 1 Tournament Pack Volume 1 (Simplified Chinese)

参赛包 Volume 1
Tournament Pack Volume 1 (Simplified Chinese)

SCTP-SC001 效果遮蒙者 Effect Veiler Super Rare [db]
SCTP-SC002 增殖的Z Maxx “C” Super Rare [db]
SCTP-SC003 幻壳龙 Mystery Shell Dragon Rare [db]
SCTP-SC004 电子龙 Cyber Dragon Rare [db]
SCTP-SC005 奥尼斯特 Honest Rare [db]
SCTP-SC006 传说的白石 The White Stone of Legend Rare [db]
SCTP-SC007 混沌猎人 Chaos Hunter Rare [db]
SCTP-SC008 一对一 One for One Rare [db]
SCTP-SC009 创世的预言者 Herald of Creation [db]
SCTP-SC010 邪帝 盖乌斯 Caius the Shadow Monarch [db]
SCTP-SC011 光道魔术师 莱拉 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress [db]
SCTP-SC012 数学家 Mathematician [db]
SCTP-SC013 替罪山羊 Scapegoat [db]
SCTP-SC014 马骨的报酬 White Elephant’s Gift [db]
SCTP-SC015 活死人的呼唤 Call of the Haunted [db]
SCTP-SC016 羊衍生物(“篮”版插图) Sheep Token (“Blue” Artwork)
SCTP-SC017 羊衍生物(“橙”版插图) Sheep Token (“Orange” Artwork)
SCTP-SC018 羊衍生物(“粉红”版插图) Sheep Token (“Pink” Artwork)
SCTP-SC019 羊衍生物(“黄”版插图) Sheep Token (“Yellow” Artwork)


Source: 游戏王卡片游戏 (Weibo)

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