[SD34] Full Card List Revealed

As always for Structure Decks, Japan has released the full list of Master Link which goes on sale this weekend! Time to see the various reprints that go into this deck!

SD34-JP001 Latency
SD34-JP002 Swap Cleric (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP003 Defcon Bird (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP004 Micro Coder (Ultra Rare)
SD34-JP005 Profibit Snake (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP006 Code Radiator (Super Rare)
SD34-JP007 Salvagent Driver
SD34-JP008 Cyberse Wizard
SD34-JP009 Launcher Commander
SD34-JP010 Bitrooper
SD34-JP011 Backup Secretary
SD34-JP012 Cyberse Converter
SD34-JP013 Stack Reviver
SD34-JP014 Link Infra-Flier
SD34-JP015 Swordsman of Revealing Light
SD34-JP016 Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson
SD34-JP017 Chaos Sorcerer
SD34-JP018 Cockadoodledoo
SD34-JP019 Electromagnetic Turtle
SD34-JP020 Fire Hand
SD34-JP021 Ice Hand
SD34-JP022 Spool Code
SD34-JP023 Cynet Optimize (Super Rare)
SD34-JP024 Cynet Codec (Super Rare)
SD34-JP025 One-Time Passcode
SD34-JP026 Double Summoner
SD34-JP027 Forbidden Scripture
SD34-JP028 Book of Eclipse
SD34-JP029 Hand Destruction
SD34-JP030 Pot of Acquisitiveness
SD34-JP031 Terminal World
SD34-JP032 Cynet Conflict (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP033 Cyberse Beacon
SD34-JP034 Back to the Front
SD34-JP035 Typhoon
SD34-JP036 Breakthrough Skill
SD34-JP037 Mischief of the Yoke
SD34-JP038 Waboku
SD34-JP039 Trap Hole of Spikes
SD34-JP040 Different Dimension Ground
SD34-JP041 Shootingcode Talker (Ultra Rare)
SD34-JP042 Elphase (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP043 Talkback Lancer (Parallel Normal)
SD34-JP044 Code Talker

Check out the translations for all the new cards linked here!

Source from Maxut

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