Secret Utility Box

Information for the year-end gift box is here! Though its not card news for now~

Release Date: December 24th, 2022
Price: 3850 Yen

Product Contents:

(1) 2 Promo Cards (Secret Rare SPECIAL BLUE Ver.) (12 Cards in Total)

These Promo Cards include two cards from a pool of 12 iconic cards chosen from the product’s packs!


10 Cards per pack; 4 Packs per Box; 80 Cards in Total
80 Different Cards (12 Super Rares; 68 Normal Parallels)
1 Box Does Not Include All 80 Cards
The Super Rare Cards can also come in Secret Rare.
6 Brand New Cards & 74 Reprints!

(3) 1 Set of 100 Special Duelist Card Protectors (6 Different Designs)

The Artwork is one of six popular card designs selected from the Promo Cards!

(4) 1 Special Field Center Cards (6 Different Designs)

One random design out of 6 is included, it can also be used as a separator!

(5) 1 Special Card Case (6 Different Designs)

A Card Case capable of storing 90 cards in protectors!You get one random design out of 6!

(6) 1 Special Dice (6 Different Designs)

A Special Design exclusive to this product that resembles the design of one of the bonus cards!

(7) 1 Special Storage Box (6 Different Designs)

A Special Design for this product that’s based on the Promo Cards!

4 to 6 are made of Plastic.


・ A limited edition item, “SECRET UTILITY BOX” is this year’s end-of-year luxury good!
・ The Promo Cards are 2 random Promo Cards chosen from 12 cards, that are 12 cards chosen from the core boosters!
・ The Special Pack contains not just new cards, but extremely out of print cards and versatile reprints, making this a product that appeals to a wide range of targets!

The pack draws from 80 cards (12 Super Rares; 68 Normal Parallels), and each pack has 10 cards (You can’t get all 80 cards from one box). Super Rares can also be Secret Rares.
6 News Cards; 74 Reprints!


Source: Starlight News
Translated by: The Organization

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