Security Dragon Deck Recipe

So this official deck recipe is basically saying “Yup, we know you guys will be using this with Grinder Golem”. Time to see what the official dudes came up with for Security Dragon & token abuse!

Key points from the article:
This strong deck makes use of the many Link Monsters released so far!

Make use of effects of Co-Linked Link Monsters!

A single Scapegoat will give you two Security Dragon which are Co-Linked!

Card Name Card Set Amount
Monster Cards 26
Grinder Golem DP07 3
Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow TDIL 1
Linkslayer ST17 2
Phantom Skyblaster DP07 2
Cyberse Gadget  VJMP 3
Balancer Lord SD32 3
RAM Clouder  ST17 1
ROM Cloudia SD32 1
Dandylion 20AP (1) 2
Draconnet ST17 2
Backup Secretary COTD 1
Stack Reviver COTD 1
Glow-Up Bulb  SD32 1
Dotscaper  SD32 1
Digitron SD32 1
Bitron  ST18 1
Spell Cards 9
Foolish Burial SD30 1
Monster Reborn  ST17 1
Scapegoat MP01 1
Cynet Backdoor SD32 1
Soul Charge SD32 1
Pot of Avarice ST17 1
Harpie’s Feather Duster 20AP (1) 1
Dark Hole ST17 1
One for One SD30 1
Trap Cards 3
Call of the Haunted ST17 3
Extra Deck 15
Borreload Dragon CIBR 1
Firewall Dragon COTD 2
Decode Talker ST17 1
Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow COTD 1
Akashic Magician CIBR 1
Code Talker 17CC 1
Security Dragon VJMP 2
Proxy Dragon VJMP 1
Missus Radiant COTD 1
Linkuriboh SJMP 2
Link Spider ST17 2


Source from VJump Official Website

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