Singapore Top 32 Rank-Up League 2018 Summer Season (04/11)

Date: 04 November 2018
Limit Regulation List: October 2018 OCG
Venue: Singapore
Number of Participants: 29
Format: Single Elimination

1st Place: Pendulum Magicians
2nd Place: Blue-Eyes Guardragon

The Rank-Up League tournament is an Invitation-only tournament that invites the Top 32 players in the Official Ranking System for the country at the end of every season. Each season is 3 months, and the ranking players in the country would have to accumulate as many points in the Local Ranking Tournaments to qualify into the Rank-Up League at the end of the season.

Feature Match Link:

1st Place: Jonas Goh [Pendulum Magicians ]

YGOPro Deck File Download

2nd Place: Kenneth Koh [Blue-Eyes Guardragon]

YGOPro Deck File Download

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